SEPTEMBER 4, 2005 – 10:45 AM

Members attending:

Rick Nolk, President

Helen Stewart, Vice-President

Ruth Tomlin, Treasurer

Helen McIntyer, Secretary (absent)

Phyllis Bain, Glen Cameron, Kathy Campbell, Brad Hazzard, Ron & Pat McLeod, Ken & Marg Meagher, Donna Oke, Bob Paterson, Art Pearson, Jack Seatter, Karen Sword, Albert Van Mourik





Meeting was held on 4 September 2005 at 10:45 am at the Community Centre.



Helen Stewart acted as Secretary in Helen McIntyre’s absence.



The Treasurer’s Report was read by Ruth Tomlin. Profit from Pig Roast was $2109.58; profit from Bake Sale was $463.75 and loss from Fireworks was $42.80.



Old Business:

  1. Insurance for Association Officers has been arranged and will remain with Eric McLay. Insurance cost summary as follows; Association Officers $972.00 old year 2004, Community Centre $666.00 old year, and for the PAL Insurance for the Pig Roast $149.04 paid. Motion to approve these expenses for insurance was made by Jack Seatter and seconded by Karen Sword.

  2. Grass Cutting –Neil Oke will continue to cut and trim the grass at both the Community Centre and at the Park. Cost for the Community Centre and the Park not to exceed $700.00 for the year. Moved by Art Pearson and seconded by Ken Meagher.

  3. Pike Bay Community Park –Thanks to The Northern Bruce Peninsula Municipality for pumping the holding tank at the Park. And also thanks to Ruth and Larry Tomlin for their continued work to keep the park and park washrooms clean and in working order, Jack Seatter for his watchful eye on the park, and Neil Oke for his donated work on the repairs of the park tables.






New Business:

  1. Fireworks: Next year’s fireworks will be on Saturday, July 2nd, 2005, with a rain date of July 3rd. More promotion is required for this event to help with the costs. This will be discussed again at the spring meeting. Thanks were expressed to Jack, Jackie, Gloria, John and Helen for their assistance in cooking and serving hot dogs, drinks, etc. Also, thanks to Greg Foster and his family for their assistance with the fireworks. It was moved by Jack Seatter to approve $600 for purchase of fireworks and $150 for food (hotdogs, pop, etc.) Seconded by Brad Hazzard.

  2. Bake Sale: To be held Saturday, July 30th, 2005 at Donna and Neil Oke’s place. Thanks to Bill Smith for the work on the sign for the bake sale. We will send out flyers in the spring asking for donations of baked goods.

  3. Pig Roast
    To be held Saturday, August 12th, 2005. Permission was granted by Brad Hazzard to hold the event at By The Bay again. No change in the price of tickets for next year and it was suggested that advertising pre-sale tickets at By The Bay be implemented, Brad agreed to place sign in the window when tickets are available. Suggested that we set up a table and obtain wet wipes or liquid cleaner for outside the port-a-potties for next year. Motion was made by Phyllis Bain to approve $300.00 for music for next year, seconded by Ken Meagher, carried.
    As the digital camera was such a success we decide to do it again next year, Karen Sword has agreed to purchase another camera for $300.00 plus tax. Ken Meagher has agreed to promote and sell tickets for the camera and Helen will print the tickets.

  4. Community Centre: The community Centre needs to be painted inside, floor needs repair, outside needs washed, and a new sign painted. This work will be organized in the spring and Bill Smith will be approached to construct a suitable sign.

  1. Membership: Anyone who hasn’t paid their 2005 Membership fees should do so now. They can be sent to either RuthTomlin or Helen McIntyre, at RR 1 Mar, Ont N0H 1X0 We need more members and will undertake a Membership Blitz in the spring. Ken Meagher has agreed to co-ordinate the drive.

  1. Fishing and Hunting Licenses: It was suggested that the The Pike Bay Community Association send a letter to Ministry of Natural Resources requesting the reinstatement of a licence distribution centre at By The Bay for the tourist and local community convenience. This was agreed to and Rick Nolk will draft a letter and send on behalf of the Association.

  1. The Rocks: we support the effort being put forward and an update was requested. We supplied what we knew however Bill Crofts will be asked to attend our next meeting to keep us informed of the situation.

  1. Donation to BPHS for use at The Lion’s Head Hospital: Motion was put forward to donate $500.00 to the BPHS on behalf of the Association in the late spring so as many of our members as possible would be aware of the donation. Rick to arrange to donation. Motion by Donna Oke, seconded by Kathy Campbell, carried.

  1. Election of Officers:
    All stand for another season. carried





Ken & Helen







The next meeting of the Pike Bay Community Association will be Sunday, May 22nd, 2006, at 10:45 am at the Community Centre. The next Fall meeting will be 27 Aug 2006 at 10:45 am to avoid interfering with the Labor Day long weekend.



The meeting adjourned at 11:45 am. .


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Rick Nolk, President Helen McIntyre, Secretary

Detach and return to Ruth Tomlin or Helen McIntyre, RR #1, Mar, Ontario, N0H 1X0, with $10.00 payment. Your continued support and annual membership fee of $10.00 is very important to the operation of the community.



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