The Pike Bay Community Association

Minutes of Meeting

September 5, 2010- 10:45 am

Members attending:

Helen Stewart – Vice President

Marg Meagher – Treasurer

Meg Smith – Secretary

Ken Meager – Membership Chairman

Phyllis Bain, Barbara Barrow, Kathy Campbell, Glen Cameron, Marion Carlson, Marion Dobbin, Margaret Howes, Linda MacDonald, Alan MacGillivray, Helen McIntyre, Peter Osbourne, Jack Seatter, Karen Sword,Bailey Smith, Ruth Tomlin





Meeting was held on September 5, 2010 at the Community Centre


Helen opened the meeting and welcomed 3 new members.


Elections were brought up again, still no new president


Secretary's report: no changes to last minutes. It was suggested that minutes be mailed to members who don't have email. This will be done as well as extra copies left at By the Bay.


Treasurer's report was presented by Marg Meagher. Current bank balance $8,802.10. (Aug.20,2010) Profit from fireworks,$251.10 Bake sale,$805.55 Euchres,$1119.62 Pig Roast ,$1931.88 Marg moved the minutes be approved as read, Approved.


Ken reported that membership is down 25%. It was suggested we have a membership drive this spring.


Community Centre report. There are repairs needed to be done to the floor of the C.C. Also the stove pipe/chimney. Karen Sword suggested we get estimates, Ken said he will investigate what needs to be done for both. Shane Cameron, grandson of Glen will be paid for grass cutting.


Insurance: Coverages will remain unchanged.


Pike Bay Community Park : The ladies will pick a day for the clean-up. Three picnic tables have been repaired. Mentioned that bolts must be used as nails won't hold.


Fireworks: Last years profit was $7.00, Special thanks to Jack and Jackie Seatter on a job well done.

Bake Sale: was also a success, Thanks to all who contribute.

Pig Roast was also a sucess this year. Thanks to all who contribute their time and effort . A special thanks to Terry Bernard for the tent and donated picture, Chad Stewart for the trailor(bandstand)and to Ricki Germann for the Avon basket.


WHRA-Rocks Peter Osbourne asked that last years donation of $750.00 be matched again for legal fees. After some discussion it was decided to donate $500.00.

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New Business:

a) Fireworks will be held July 2(raindate 3rd) 2011 Peter Garland will again be asked to light them.$700 motioned to purchase them. Helen will be there with her jar taking collections again.

b) Bake sale set for July 30th More to be discussed at spring meeting.

c) Pig Roast will be Aug 13th 2011. Particulars to be discussed at spring meeting as well.

d) Since the membership was so low this year it has been suggested that we have a spring membership drive. Meg Smith will work on a poster and pamphlet to leave at the store. If you have a new neighbour this year, why not mention us to them?Bring them to a meeting. An idea to put a pamphlet in the mailboxes/doors of folks in the areas of Whiskey Harbor/ Tanners Point etc. was made. This would put a welcome out to all.

e) A call for more volunteers was made. Meg will get the word out via Facebook and the website for young folk to come help clean up after the Pig Roast, and also the park.

f) It was motioned that a letter be sent on behalf of the PBCA re: the trees that were cut down along the road across from |Campbells.


Membership: Please send to Ken Meager at RR#1 Mar, ON, N0H 1X0 You will find a form below.


The next meeting of the PBCA will be May 15,2011 at 10:45 am at the Community Centre


The meeting was adjourned @ 11:30

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Send to: Ken Meager, RR#1 Mar, Ontario N0H 1X0

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