MAY 21, 2006 – 10:45 AM

Members attending:

Rick Nolk, President

Helen Stewart, Vice-President (absent)

Ruth Tomlin, Treasurer

Helen McIntyre, Secretary

Phyllis Bain, Lova Bartman, Glen Cameron, Kathy Campbell, Diane Crewe, Marg Meagher, Donna Oke, Moe & Jim Ready, Jack Seatter, Meg Smith, Karen Sword, John Yost





Meeting was held on 21 May, 2006 at 10:45 am at the Community Centre.



Minutes of last meeting were amended to show correct date for the Bake Sale.



The Treasurer’s Report was read by Ruth Tomlin. Expenses since September totaled $2,972.02 and receipts totaled $1,168.11. Ruth moved the report be accepted as read and this was seconded by Jack Seatter.
Earlier in the year, Ken and Marg Meagher suggested having placemats printed with all the PBCA info for use at By the Bay (Brad & Laura agreed to use them). We have had 500 printed and will see what the response is before we print additional ones. Cost to have them printed was $28.15 and this amount was included in Ruth’s report. Thanks to Ken and Marg for this great idea.



Old Business:

  1. Insurance: An application for the Directors & Officers Liability Insurance must be completed again this year. Helen McIntyre will fill in the form and Rick Nolk will deliver it to Davis & McLay.

  2. Grass Cutting – Neil Oke will continue to cut the grass at the Park and the Community Centre. This was approved at the September meeting.

  3. Pike Bay Community Park –Northern Bruce Peninsula Municipality will be asked to pump out the holding tank at the Park. Picnic tables need to be moved and some need repairs. Jack Seatter and Rick Nolk will arrange this.

  4. Community Centre – Floor has been repaired. Clean-up of the Centre is scheduled for Wednesday, May 24th at 9:00 am.

  5. Painting of the Community Centre will be postponed until the fall and Phyllis Bain and Moe Ready will get estimates for this work.

  6. A special thanks to Patricia Howes for supplying stove oil to the Community Centre at no charge for the last few years.

  7. Also, a thank you to Bill Smith for making the new sign for the Community Centre.

  8. Donation to BPHS: A $500 donation was approved at the Sept. meeting and will be presented to BPHS at the Pig Roast. Rick Nolk will arrange this with Bill Walker.



Rick Nolk/

Jack Seatter

Phyllis Bain/

Moe Ready

Rick Nolk


New Business:

  1. Fireworks: will be held on Saturday, July 1st with a rain date of July 2nd. Purchase of fireworks, hotdogs, etc. was approved at the fall meeting.

  2. Bake Sale: To be held Saturday, August 5th at Donna and Neil Oke’s place.

  3. Pig Roast: to be held Saturday, August 12th at By the Bay. Karen Sword will purchase a digital camera for the draw and Terry Bernard has offered to supply a painting for a second prize. Helen McIntyre will print the draw tickets and Ken Meagher will co-ordinate the distribution and selling of the tickets.
    Cost of meal tickets will remain the same ($10 for adults and $4.50 for children) and Greg Foster will be asked to print the tickets. Drink tickets will remain at $3.00.
    Helen McIntyre will order the Port-a-Potties.
    Tracey Marquis will be asked to arrange the children’s games again this year and Bill Grischow’s son-in-law will be asked to provide the DJ services.
    Jim and Moe Ready will supervise the bar with assistance for other PBCA members.

  4. Pike Bay Web Site: Meg Smith has created a Pike Bay Web site at and has offered to include PBCA events on this site. She will co-ordinate this with Rick Nolk.

  5. Membership: 2006 Membership fees are due. Ken Meagher has agreed to be the Membership Chairman so please send your membership fee ($10.00) to him at RR#1, Mar, Ontario, N0H 1X0. You will find a form at the end of these minutes.

  6. WRAFT Update: The Homestead Act has passed second reading and will now go to Committee for detailed consideration before a third and final reading. A further update will be given at the fall meeting. Anyone interested in more info can visit the WRAFT websites at and

  7. Chantry Fishing Derby: Jack Seatter asked the Association to sponsor the Derby again this year and moved for a $50.00 donation. This was seconded by Donna Oke and approved.



Karen Sword


Greg Foster


Rick Nolk




The next meeting of the Pike Bay Community Association will be Sunday, 27 Aug 2006 at 10:45 am to avoid interfering with the Labor Day long weekend.



The meeting adjourned at 11:35 am.


_____________________________ _______________________________

Rick Nolk, President Helen McIntyre, Secretary

Detach and return to Ken Meagher, RR #1, Mar, Ontario, N0H 1X0, with $10.00 payment. Your continued support and annual membership fee of $10.00 is very important to the operation of the community.



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