MAY 18, 2008 – 10:45 AM

Members attending:

Rick Nolk, President

Helen Stewart, Vice-President

Ruth Tomlin, Treasurer

Helen McIntyre, Secretary

Ken Meagher, Membership Chairman

Phyllis Bain, Diane Crewe, Ross & Shirley Lehman, Al MacGillvray, Marg Meagher,

Donna Oke, Jack Seatter





Meeting was held on 18 May at 10:45 am at the Community Centre.



No changes to Minutes of last meeting



The Treasurer’s Report was read by Ruth Tomlin. Expenses from Sept. 07 to April 08 were $3,650.30 and income was $1,064.20. The account balance as at April 08 is $6,178.15. Ruth moved that the report be accepted as read. Seconded by Ken Meagher. Approved.



Membership Report: Ken Meagher reported that we have 51 paid-up members.



Community Centre: Euchre games will start on the first Monday of June which is June 2nd. Clean up of the Community Centre will be on May 27th at 9:00 am. Mo Ready will prepare and distribute the list of people responsible for the euchres and also for the lunch.

Phyllis Bain made a motion to have the Community Centre sprayed for spiders again this year. Seconded by Shirley Lehman. Approved. Ruth Tomlin will arrange this.

It was agreed that Ruth Tomlin would purchase new Cluster Busters for the windows in the Community Centre if they are needed this year.

Mo Ready

Ruth Tomlin

Ruth Tomlin


Insurance: Our insurance broker feels that the Community Centre is under-insured. At present, the building is insured for $28,302 and it was suggested that the replacement cost would be closer to $174,000. After much discussion, it was suggested that we increase our coverage to $100,000. The motion was made by Jack Seatter and seconded by Ken Meagher. Approved. Rick Nolk will notify Eric McLay of this decision and the increase in coverage will be effective immediately.

Done – May 23/08

Rick Nolk


Pike Bay Community Park: Ruth Tomlin requested that the Municipality be asked to pump out the septic tank at the park. Rick Nolk will contact the Municipality.

There are two picnic tables which need repairs.

Rick Nolk


Grass Cutting: Dave Marshall has given us a quote of $100 per cutting to cut the grass at the Community Centre and at the Park. Donna Oke moved that we accept this quote, seconded by Helen Stewart. Approved.



New Business:

  1. Fireworks: will be held on Saturday, June 28th, 2008, with a rain date of June 29th. Peter Garland has agreed to light the fireworks although he may need someone to assist him. Jack Seatter agreed to oversee this event. $700 for fireworks was approved at the September meeting. There will be a donation jar at Bay the Bay and at Cedar Bough. Ruth Tomlin volunteered to look after placing the jars.

  2. Bake Sale: To be held Saturday, August 2nd, 2008 at Donna Oke’s place. Phyllis Bain and Donna Oke will oversee the bake sale. We encourage everyone to take part in the bake sale – either by baking and donating something or if you are unable to bake, come out and purchase some bake goods.

  3. Pig Roast: to be held Saturday, August 9th, 2008 at By the Bay. As discussed at the September meeting, cost of meal tickets will be raised to $12 for adults and $6 for children. Greg Foster will be asked to print the tickets. We will ask Greg if the tickets can be printed on a slightly heavier paper. Purchase of tickets will be by cash or cheque only and if they are purchased by telephone, they will have to be picked up and paid for within 14 days
    Helen McIntyre will order the Port-a-Potties.
    Jim and Mo Ready will be asked to look after the bar again as it is now mandatory that we have someone who has taken the “Smart Serve” course. Drink tickets will remain at $3.00.
    Tracey Marques will be asked to organize and run the children’s games.
    Draw prizes – first prize will be a GPS and Terry Bernard will be asked again if he can provide a second prize. Helen McIntyre (with help from James Hilgendorff) will print the tickets and Ken & Marg Meagher will look after distributing and selling.
    Music – We still need someone to provide music and DJ services for the dance.
    Kathy Campbell and Karen Sword will be asked to look after the food for the meal.

  4. Membership: Anyone who has not paid their 2008 Membership fees should do so now. Please send to: Ken Meagher at RR#1, Mar, Ontario, N0H 1X0. You will find a form at the end of these minutes. Fees remain at $10.00.

  5. Elections: We will hold elections at the September meeting. It is strongly recommended that we elect a new slate of officers so please give some thought to this and come to the September meeting with names to put forward.

  6. Chantry Fishing Derby: Jack Seatter proposed that the Association sponsor the Chantry Derby again this year. He made a motion for a $50.00 donation, seconded by Phyllis Bain. Approved.

Jack Seatter

Ruth Tomlin

Phyllis Bain/

Donna Oke

Greg Foster

Helen McI

Helen/Ken & Marg





The next meeting of the Pike Bay Community Association will be Sunday, August 31st, at 10:45 am.



The meeting adjourned at 11:50 am.


_____________________________ _______________________________

Rick Nolk, President Helen McIntyre, Secretary

Return to Ken Meagher, RR #1, Mar, Ontario, N0H 1X0, with $10.00 payment. Your continued support and annual membership fee of $10.00 is very important to the operation of the community.



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