17 May 09 – 10:45 AM

Members attending:

Rick Nolk, President

Helen Stewart, Vice-President

Marg Meagher, Treasurer (absent)

Helen McIntyre, Secretary (absent)

Ken Meagher, Membership Chairman (absent)

Ruth Tomlin, Marian Carlsson, Ross & Shirley Lehman, Linda MacDonald, Jack Seatter, Meg Smith, Karen Sword, Kathy Campbell, and Art Pearson.





Meeting was held on 17 May 2009 at 10:45 am at the Community Centre.



No changes to Minutes of last meeting



The Treasurer’s Report was read by Rick Nolk. The Fireworks showed a loss of $9.43, Bake Sale made a profit of $565.25, Euchres brought in $1,244.00 and the Pig Roast made a profit of $1,973.16. Since the fall meeting the following bills were paid, Hydro $382.87, Bank Fees $30.44, Taxes for 2008 $ 141.00 and for 2009 $ 271.00, Insurance for the hall $ 1,561.68, and lawn care park and community Centre $1000.00. We also bought in $752.45 from fall Euchre, $20.00 Membership and a donation of $15.00. Our present bank balance is $4,923.38. Report was accepted as read. Approved.



Membership Report: Ken Meagher was absent but there are two paid up members for 2009.



Community Centre: Euchre games are being held on Monday evenings and will start the first Monday in June.


Insurance: Coverages will remain unchanged.


Pike Bay Community Park: Some of the picnic tables are in need of repair or replacement. We will request a donation of picnic tables from the Municipality.

They volleyball net will be put up at the end of May and some picnic tables need to be put out in the park. We need volunteers to repair our tables.

Rick Nolk




Fireworks/Bake Sale/Pig Roast;

The fireworks were a success last year and we almost broke even. Thanks to Jack and Jackie Seatter for taking responsibility for this event and to everyone else who assisted.

The Bake Sale was also successful and, as usual, made a nice profit. Thanks to everyone who helped out this year and a special thanks to everyone who contributed baked goods.

The Pig Roast was also successful and the dinner was sold out again. Thanks to everyone who assisted with this event. A special thanks to all the volunteers who prepared and served the meal, to Tracey Marques for organizing the children’s games, to Don Edgar for hosting the talent show and the Mary Cummings and her daughter Carol for providing some of the music for the dance.


New Business:

  1. Fireworks: will be held on Saturday, July 4th, 2009, with a rain date of July 5th. Peter Garland will be asked to light the fireworks again. Jack Seatter volunteered to oversee this event again. A motion was approved & carried at the fall meeting to allocate $700 for fireworks. Helen Stewart volunteered to look after the donation jars and collection of donations at the firework.

  2. Bake Sale: To be held Saturday, August 2nd, 2009 at Donna Oke’s place. Phyllis Bain and Donna Oke will oversee the bake sale.

  3. Pig Roast: to be held Saturday, August 15TH, 2009 at By the Bay. We need to ask Brad and Laura for permission to use their park again. They have since agreed, we will need to work around the new Green House.
    Karen Sword will look after the purchase of the main prize for the draw which will be valued at approximately $300. Helen McIntyre (with assistance from James Hilgendorff) will print the draw tickets and Ken & Marg Meagher will look after the distribution.
    Prices for meal tickets will remain at $12.00 for adults and $6.00 for children and Laura Hazzard has offered to print the tickets.
    Helen McIntyre will order the “port-a-potties”.
    Drink tickets will be $3.00 each.
    Tracey Marques will be asked to arrange the children’s games again.

PAL Insurance requires $150.00, Karen motion, 2nd Rick, carried.

Music for the evening, will approach Mary’s Daughter to DJ the event.

Bartenders, Rick, Jack Paul and any member who can spare a half hour or so.

  1. Membership: Anyone who has not paid their 2009 Membership fees should do so now. Please send to: Ken Meagher at RR#1, Mar, Ontario, N0H 1X0. You will find a form at the end of these minutes. Fees remain at $10.00.

  2. Meg Smith has developed a web site “” and Karen Sword requested permission for Meg to include a “button” on that web site that would link the user to the minutes of the PBCA meetings. Everyone agreed that this would be a great idea.

  1. Grass Cutting: Dave Marshall will be approached for the same deal as last year, $1000.00 for the season to cut the park and community Centre.

Jack/Helen Stewart


Karen, Helen M. Ken M.

Laura Hazzard

Helen M.



Rick, Paul, Jack




The next meeting of the Pike Bay Community Association will be Sunday, 30 August 2009 at 10:45 am at the Community Centre.



The meeting adjourned at 11:50 am.


_____________________________ _______________________________

Rick Nolk, President Helen McIntyre, Secretary


Detach and return with your membership dues.

Return to Ken Meagher, RR #1, Mar, Ontario, N0H 1X0, with $10.00 payment. Your continued support and annual membership fee of $10.00 is very important to the operation of the community.



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