The Pike Bay Community Association

Minutes of Meeting

May 19th, 2013 - 10:45 am

To be approved at the September 1st, 2013 Meeting



Members attending:

Kim Hoey - President

Alan MacGillivray – Past President

Helen Stewart – Vice President

Margaret Howes – Treasurer

Karen Sword – Secretary

Helen McIntyre – Membership Chairman

Glen Anderson, Shirley Lehman, Ross Lehman, Dave Marshall, Edith Henry, Brenda Cruickshank, Jack Seatter, Ruth Tomlin, Phyllis Bain, Lorne Bergman, Pat Bergman, Cathy Campbell, Irene Corman, Pat Howes, Linda McDonald, Marg Meagher,  Ken Meagher, Donna Oke, Brad Sale




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Meeting was held on May 19th, 2013 at the Community Centre.



Kim opened the meeting and welcomed the newcomers



Review of the business arising from the minutes of the September 2, 2012 meeting



Community Centre Building:  A sensor light is to be installed over the front door of the community centre, There have been safety issues noted, that people closing up in the evening must leave in the dark and falls have occurred. Ken Meagher will contact Brent Hepburn as to the type of lights needed and cost.  Ken will report at the next meeting.

Ken Meagher


Pricing for Pig Roast Tickets was reviewed.   It was agreed that ticket prices would be increased to $14/adult and $7/child, up from $13/adult and $6.50/child.



Pricing for Bar Tickets at the Pig Roast was reviewed.   Current pricing of $4/drink, $5/individual wine bottle and $1/soft drink to be maintained unless there is a substantial increase in liquor costs over last year.   The point was made that the price needs to be fairly low to minimize the benefit to people of bringing their own liquor in and thus creating more need to police the event.



The Draw prize for the Pig Roast was discussed.  The advent of Smart Phones has now diminished the need for either cameras or GPS devices. It was agreed to have a BBQ for the draw again (as was the case for many years in the past). 
Kim will discuss sourcing it from Scott of Scott’s Hardware in Lion’s Head and The Home Depot in Owen Sound (via their Community Programme).

Motion:  That Kim purchase a BBQ for the Draw, cost to be $300 to $400.   Moved by Helen McIntyre, Seconded by Karen Sword.   Carried.

Helen McIntyre volunteered to print the tickets again.  Helen McIntyre and Ken Meagher volunteered to work together to sell them.









Kim Hoey

Ken Meagher

Helen McIntyre


Location layout for the roasting area for the Pig Roast was discussed.  It was agreed that consultation with the Pig Roaster should determine layout for 2013 to permit the Pig Roaster to be able to dismantle on the evening of the Pig Roast instead of having to wait until the following morning.  Kim Hoey will coordinate with Brad Hazzard on this.




Kim Hoey


Report:  Shutting down hydro for the winter.    After consultation with Ontario Hydro, it was decided that the fee of $250 to open/use the community centre building if needed during the mandatory minimum closure time of six months was too high, as the building does not have a six month down time.



Report:  Municipality taking over ownership of the building to remove the $650 property tax cost assumed by the Pike Bay Community Association.   Concerns were raised at the loss of autonomy if this were done.  Firstly, every time the building needed to be used, a volunteer would have to drive to the Township offices to collect and return the key.  Secondly, the Township would have the right to sell the building without community agreement (as happened recently in the Kilsyth community).   It was agreed that these were not acceptable outcomes and thus we would not move forward on this idea.



Report:  The volleyball net set-up and storage.   Davis MacGillivray was trained by Ken Meagher on May 18th, 2013 on set-up for summer use at the Pike Bay Community Park.   Mike Dwyer of 721 Pike Bay Road has agreed to provide winter storage.



Report: Community Park repairs.  

a) Repairs are needed for the two outhouses at the Pike Bay Community Park.   Thom Marcella has volunteered his labour to do the repairs.   Kim Hoey and Shelby Hoey have volunteered to scrape and paint as needed.   Ruth and Larry Tomlin have volunteered to continue to keep the outhouses stocked.

b) Repairs are also needed for a number of the picnic tables at the Community Park.  Kim Hoey will contact the township to have them checked and either repaired or removed.









Kim Hoey



The septic tank at the Community Park needs to be pumped.  Kim Hoey will follow up.

Kim Hoey


 Canada Day Fireworks:  Jack Seatter volunteered to locate and bring two BBQs for the event.   Alan MacGillivray volunteered to order the food from Brad Hazzard; Jack Seatter will pick it up. Helen Stewart volunteered to look after the Donation Jar at the store for the Fireworks.

Jack Seatter

Alan MacGillivray

Helen Stewart


Park and Community Centre Lawn Maintenance:  Kim Hoey reported that Irene Corman cannot do this job in 2013.  In 2012, this cost $1800 for both locations.   Kim volunteered to do the Community Centre portion of this herself, as she lives just down the road.

Kim Hoey will approach the township to see if it can be done by them and to what standards.   In the event that the township will not do it, the Community Association will accept tenders for grass-cutting and trimming at that location.

Brenda Cruickshank and Al Urquhart will put a tender in writing for the Community Park only.

The Community Association executive will review all tenders received and determine who will be hired.






Kim Hoey


Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby:   Jack Seatter moved that the Pike Bay Community Association provide a $50 sponsorship towards the Chantry Chinook.   Seconded by Karen Sword.   Approved.



Pig Roast:  Additional organization.  

Phyllis Bain volunteered to coordinate the other volunteers for the tasks associated with the event.   Anyone who is able to help on that day should contact Phyllis.

Pat Bergman agreed to ask Tracey Marques to organize the kids games for that day again.  Kim Hoey will ask Kim Smith to aid her.

Music:   The band from previous years will be asked to play again.



Phyllis Bain



Pat Bergman

Kim Hoey


Treasurer’s Report:  August 22nd 2012 to May 16th 2013

Cash on Hand:  $9,272.67


$   90.00  Donations

  1069.10 Euchre Proceeds

    335.00 Community Centre Fund Raiser

    140.00 Membership Fees


$     44.39 Bank Charges

     919.58 Maintenance including grass cutting

     100.00 Donation to Whiskey Harbour Recreation Association

   2298.24 Insurance

   2871.69 Pig Roast

    441.00 Property Tax

       46.82 Supplies

     459.38  Electricity

Treasurer’s Report:  2012 Fiscal Year


$     40.00  Donations

   1916.50 Euchre Proceeds

    523.26 Fireworks Income

    348.00 Fun Night Income

    720.00 Membership Fees

   2096.33 Pig Roast Income


$   61.64 Bank Charges

    1992.62 Maintenance including grass cutting

      150.00 Donations

    2298.24 Insurance

      584.26 Property Tax

       137.07 Supplies

      632.34 Electricity


Discussion:  need other means of fund-raising.  Kim Hoey to investigate government grants to repair/improve Community Centre Building for access for those with disabilities.


































Kim Hoey






Meeting adjourned.



                            This year’s Pig Roast will be August 17th 2013

Next Ratepayers meeting is Sunday September 1st  2013 10:45 at the Pike Bay Community Centre


Thank you to all that have Volunteered throughout  the past year!!!!!! Without YOU none of the events could happen. All funds raised are to maintain the viability of the Pike Bay Community Centre and the Pike Bay Park. Without it they would cease to exist.



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