Greetings to members and to new friends who wish to ensure our continued right to enjoy community access to “The Rocks".
AUGUST 30, 2017

The 2017 WHRA annual meeting will be held Saturday September 10, 2017 at noon at the Pike Bay Community Centre.

June 2014


The Whiskey Harbour and Pike Bay communities are continuing the ongoing legal action to keep public access to The Rocks Recreation Area and not have it closed to public. The Whiskey Harbour Recreation Association (WHRA) experienced delays in 2013 when the adjacent land owner to The Rocks requested disposition on the status of ownership of land to the south of the area WHRA claims to be public. The WHRA granted his request for delay to the end of June 2014, on the recommendation of our legal counsel based on the assumption that arguing against such a delay would likely fail and the likelihood of WHRA having to pay the costs of doing so. The WHRA committee will consult with counsel on any additional delay requests before consenting. Committee’s position is to accept no further delays and proceed to trial.

To the north of us, the Bass Road Beach Association (beach located at the end of Lindsey Rd. 20) is appealing their ruling, given by the deputy director of titles for Ontario. If anyone would like to contribute to their legal fees for this please see Peter Osborne for details. Decisions from the appeal court may favour their matter in keeping the beach public. The first is Edward Richard Ellard vs Township of Tiny 12 July 2012 and the second is a Court of Appeal decision involving Battaglia vs Township of Tiny. Both favour keeping beaches public. Look on the Tiny Twp website if you wish to read the decisions.

The WHRA is holding a 4th annual garage sale on the day of the Pike Bay Pig Roast – 16 August 2014, at 8:00 AM. Donations are needed. Please contact Brad Sale 519-793-6883 one week before the sale for drop off instructions.

Whiskey Harbour Rocks hats and T-shirts are still available. Please call Jack Noble for your order.

The WHRA Annual General Meeting will be held at the Pike Bay Community Centre Sunday 31 August 2014 at 9:30 AM.

If you have any questions please contact a committee member listed below, or visit our website to obtain a complete history of events, as well we ask you to use proper etiquette while visiting the ROCKS.

Our executive committee consists of:

  1. Chairperson - Peter Osborne - 519-793-3033
  2. Deputy Chairperson - Karen Sword (no phone)& Lorne Bergman - 793-4752
  3. Treasurer - Jack Noble - 793-3857
  4. Secretary - Kim Hoey - 519-793-4707
  5. Secretary – Pat Bergman 519-793-4752
  6. Websmith–Meg Smith 519-793-3427
  7. Connie and Ted Sweiger – land owner plan 444 near the Rocks (no phone)
  8. We have included a membership renewal application form. Please fill in the blanks and mail or deliver to:

    c/o Jack Noble,
    61 Forbes Rd.,
    R.R. #1 Mar, Ontario
    N0H 1X0.

    Printable membership form

    Questions? Contact us here.

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    This map was provided by The County of Bruce. Please visit their site and try it for yourself here.

    Archive of previous postings here!

    Rocks Etiquette and Rules

    • Expect and Respect other Rocks Users.
    • Respect neighbouring landowners by staying off private property, and avoid excessive noise.
    • Leave the Rocks cleaner than you found them; whatever you pack in, pack out. This includes cigarette butts!
    • Leave the rocks, driftwood, wildflowers and wildlife for others to enjoy.
    • Maintain control of your pets. Carry a leash for your dog and be prepared to use it. 'Stoop and Scoop'
    • Fires are not permitted.
    • Alcohol is not permitted.
    • Broken glass is a hazard none of us want to encounter; please don't bring glass containers of any kind to The Rocks.
    • Operate personal watercraft responsibly at least 500 feet from shore. Slow down (no wake) as you approach shore. Be cautious of swimmers and keep a safe distance from non-motorized watercraft.
    • Always keep a close eye on children in the water and never swim alone, regardless of age. Lake Huron can develop a strong undertow on windy days; even strong swimmers can find themselves a lot farther from shore than they anticipated.
    • Leave only your thanks and take nothing but photographs


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